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Vegan, Vegetarian & Ethical Diets

Living and eating for a better tomorrow.

  • 2 hr
  • 300 British pounds
  • Zoom Meeting

Service Description

With the overwhelming body of evidence of the impact that humankind is having on the planet, we are all beginning to realise the repercussions of our known way of life. Scientists and world leaders have called for immediate and dramatic action in order to reduce green house gas emissions - with the food sector being one of the areas where urgent interventions are needed most drastically. As an estimated 14.5% of global green house gas emissions are solely from livestock production, urgent and dramatic reductions in meat and dairy consumption are crucial to avoiding catastrophic climate change. Fish farming, whether “responsibly” caught or farmed is also having a critically detrimental effect with fish stocks and ocean ecosystems severely on the decline. Health, weight management, animal welfare, and antibiotic use are also some of the leading factors that drive people to follow a plant based diet. For me, being a chef required that I truly understood the importance of serving meat, fish and dairy in my restaurants. I never expected to change to a plant based diet, as my life’s work was so heavily dependant on their importance in a meal. I was so pleasantly surprised to learn that, when done well, a plant based diet can give you so much enjoyment. With an overwhelming array of textures and flavours and a multitude of serious health benefits, it won’t be long before you stop missing the parts that you once couldn’t live without. All my experience of working with meat based dishes has given me crucial knowledge to construct plant based menus to help even the most ardent carnivores wanting to move to a more sustainable, healthy way of eating whilst still getting all the satisfaction and protein that they expect from a meat based dish. I maintain key focus on iron, B vitamins and iodine within the plan to ensure full nutrient requirements are met. Price Includes 3 Consultations over 6 Weeks and personal time required for me to conduct the analysis. - Initial Consultation (45 Mins) - Understanding your goals and current diet. - Second Consultation (45 Mins) - Nutritional analysis results & Tailored Meal Plan 1 - Final Consultation (30 Mins) - Dietary fine tuning & Tailored Meal Plan 2 - 6 Weeks of email support and guidance are included and run concurrently with the plan. *All clients and analysis are treated with the highest level of understanding, dignity and confidentiality.

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The Sustainable Kitchen | Bingham, The Sustainable Kitchen, Church Street, Bingham, Nottingham, UK

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